Fast turnaround on site changes, super helpful and keen to assist – great experience overall and very pleased with the result. Thanks John!

Alon Tamir – www.thewallee.com

Working with John on my website redesign has been a great experience. The project was completed on schedule and along the way John provided guidance on what he felt would make a better e-commerce site. I valued the fact that he didn’t just take direction from a client but provided his own suggestions and recommendations based on his experience which ultimately lead to a greater end result. John’s response time was also terrific, the project never skipped a beat. Customer orders started coming in the day the new site launched!

Sandy Nelson – shop.mulberryroad.com

We chose John for our Magento project on the strength of his portfolio and the positive comments of previous clients. We weren’t to be disappointed. John was fantastic to work with and was brilliantly responsive to our questions, requests and concerns throughout the whole process. We are absolutely delighted with our website and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John to prospective clients.

Richard & Gill Faragher – CraftandPlay.co.uk

When John designed my new webstore, my first thought was that I must keep this genius all to myself, but since I’ve nearly run out of work to give him, it’s only fair to tell folks that John is a terrific guy to work with. Not just a talented, extremely talented, designer, John also has acres of patience. John is so easy to communicate with and very importantly, had the integrity not to follow suggestions of mine that he knew were wrong, I really valued that.

As our work went on I constantly felt how lucky I was to have John’s experience and judgement in every area of the job. John has not only provided a stunning looking site, but it works so well from an e-commerce point of view and further more, I now understand better how to use it. All credit to John. Fast turnaround and efficiency go without saying. I recommend John without hesitation and I will contact him again and again whenever I need any work done in this area.

Claire Brennan – WaltzingMouseStamps.com

I spent a lot of time looking for a designer who could make a nice and clean e-commerce site for me, while at the same time adding an edginess and sense of style. John’s portfolio is immaculate, so he immediately moved to the top of my list and I went into the relationship with high expectations.

I’m happy to say that John not only delivered, but completely exceeded my expectations. John is the perfect combination of visionary designer and complete professional. He keeps his deadlines, maintains excellent communication, thinks critically about solutions, and goes the extra mile to add a level of pixel perfection and detail that results in a well polished, professional product.

I absolutely recommend John, and plan on using him for all future updates and new projects.

Ethan Eyler – Carstache.com

John has been a fantastic professional to work with from start to finish, always understanding of our vision and letting this vision duly blossom and grow, whilst at the same time adding a highly valued idiosyncratic and polished approach.

I would genuinely doubt there is many a web–designer out there who is as professional, enthusiastic and utterly focused about their work as John. A stand out choice for anyone who is as obsessive about attention to detail as we are.

James Gooch – DoeandHope.com

My site needed a major design overhaul. I needed a designer to develop a web design with both personality and purpose. I spent quite a bit of time on CSSMania.com and was immediately drawn to John Rawsterne because of his fantastic use of clean, simple, visually appealing design elements and because he has a complete vision for the site he is designing.

I knew I’d made the right decision when John returned with designs ahead of schedule. The design really grabbed my attention and put a smile on my face. John was a fantastic communicator and was extremely professional from the initial conversation, to the design iterations, to the final delivery. Even after the project was completed John gave advice about the PSD conversion process.

If you’re looking for an excellent designer to provide you with a design for your website I would strongly recommend John Rawsterne. You’ll receive a one of kind design, probably ahead of schedule, and definitely in a very professional manner.

Andrew Kaiser – HopChart.com

Working with John Rawsterne to turn my dream site into a reality was a great experience from beginning to end. He is professional, attentive and has amazing technical skill. I’ve definitely learned a lot from him, and continue to call on him for new projects.

Joe Kim – PalCampaign.com

I searched quite a bit before deciding on using Rawsterne for my design work, I’m really picky and his attention to detail just so far exceeded anything else I saw, so I knew he would be perfect!! I even waited several months suffering through the free template since he was tied up at the time…it was truly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!!

I had a very exact idea of what I wanted with my design, some of my ideas weren’t easy, and I know I gave him quite a few headaches with my changes and extras!! But he never got tired of me and always managed to figure out a way to get me the features I wanted by devising some pretty cool work arounds.

He’s still always available to me when I need to tweak something, or think of something else to add… he’s truly awesome and I’ll never use another designer!! He really helped to make my store what it is today.

Amanda Taylor – GolfCartTiresnMore.com

I love the web design John Rawsterne created for me. I am in the U.S. When I first contacted John, I really only had a vague concept of what I wanted for the look of my online store. I wanted it to be youthful, fun, trendy. John worked patiently with me over several drafts. Now, I have a website design that is so popular, other sites actually attempt to copy it. I just loved working with John. He was professional, thorough and quick. And, he stands behind his design. We never met, never spoke on the phone. We just exchanged a couple dozen email. That’s it! And the work was very affordable. I couldn’t be happier!

Maria Falconer – Rambles.com

We needed a new design for our online store selling gadgets and game console accessories to the UK market. We realized that we had to advance to another level and make our site user friendly and more professional. After researching our options we decided to go with John. The project was done within budget and deadlines. We’re proud of our new site and conversions have increased significantly since the new design went live.

Alex Wyatt – ChannelGoods.com

We were new to Shopify and wanted a website design that was clean and complimented our branding. We could not have been happier with the work John Rawsterne did. Our communication was done via email, and we were consistently amazed by John’s ability to clearly understand our feedback/requests and always delighted by how quickly things were turned around. John’s creative touch gave us a site that was even better than we envisioned, and he did a great job of offering up ideas and options throughout the process. We love our site, and would strongly recommend working with John. Thanks John!

Ben Nelson – ShopTotem.com

Working with John was extremely easy and well worth the money spent. He offered a quick turn around on the job and maintained great communication with me throughout the design process. Along with designing my store, he also assisted me in understanding how to get my store running smoothly, which was more than I had expected. In all, I would highly recommend John Rawsterne to others and also prefer to have him work on any future design needs that I may have.

Ryan Nelson – Merchconnectioninc.com